Certification and CSR

Before the buzzword ‘sustainability’ has been invented it already was an important issue to Binnenlloyd the past decennia. Sustainability gained awareness, especially in the media. Climate change, shrinking oil reserves, growing heaps and vanishing ancient forests, are just a few related items to this matter.

Ludo Breman, the managing director of Peterson Maastricht and Binnenlloyd explains: “Sustainability means continuity in its broadest sense. All our stakeholders want to ensure their existence on the long term. We realize this can’t be accomplished alone. We believe in stewardship, therefor we don’t advocate short term profits, but a strategy that looks beyond these ratios.

The EU announced in their ‘European White Book Transport 2050’ that they aim for an emission reduction of 60% by 2050.

Also the Dutch government is challenging companies through this program to adjust their strategy to meet this common goal. Over a period of five year Peterson Maastricht and Binnenlloyd expect an emission reduction of more than %20. In 2011 Peterson Maastricht is already awarded with the ‘Lean and Green’ award.

This award arises from the logistical sustainability program from Connekt. This is an independent network from companies and governments that work together towards a sustainable solution for transportation in The Netherlands. More info at www.lean-green.nl